Supply chain partners

Jaguar Land Rover has an extensive global supply base offering a wide range of job opportunities. Our external partners in the Supply Chain play a pivotal role in making sure Jaguar Land Rover continues to perform and operate at the highest standards. Rolex replica

The extensive choice of job roles available offer invaluable experience and a competitive salary. Roles in our Supply Chain play an important part in the future success of not just Jaguar Land Rover but the entire automotive industry.

About the UK Supply Chain

Jaguar Land Rover partners with a global network of organisations which work together to provide a variety of products and services that enable us is to deliver products that our customers love for life.

of the components at Jaguar Land Rover vehicle assembly plants are sourced from UK suppliers.

UK production suppliers, based across 195 sites (652 worldwide).

Jaguar Land Rover supply chain jobs created in the last 5 years - evolving technologies will lead to further growth.

invested in the Jaguar Land Rover supply chain since 2010.

worldwide suppliers, 652 production suppliers and 2.900 non-production suppliers.

worth of supply chain factories under construction.

is the annual production purchasing spend.

    • Our Supply Chain partners play a key role in Jaguar Land Rover’s success and we work closely with these companies through our Purchasing, Technical Assistance, Logistics and Engineering departments. This ensures that high quality, technologically advanced parts are delivered to our manufacturing sites at the right time.

    • Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing works with a number of companies to deliver Logistics, IT, Engineering, Construction, Training and Site services. These partners support Jaguar Land Rover functions, putting customers first as they innovate great products, fast.


Jaguar Land Rover’s supply chain can be found all over the country. Click on the links to find out more about the variety of job opportunities on offer.

*Following the links on this map will take you to third party sites not affiliated or controlled by Jaguar Land Rover.

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In the last 5 years 60,000 Jaguar Land Rover supply chain jobs have been created, and there still remains opportunities for additional growth with upcoming new technologies.

Our supply chain, like Jaguar Land Rover demands talent across many job families including Engineering, Purchasing, Materials Planning and Logistics, Quality and Manufacturing.

Many of the roles and skills required by our supply chain are common across the industry as a whole and are displayed in the graphic below.

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  • Programmes
  • Product engineering
  • Software and electronics
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Tool making
  • Quality
  • Maintenance
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Health and safety
  • Materials planning & logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Corporate


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